Transportation Services 

Ziv V.I.P. specializes in transportation services for every need, throughout Israel, at the highest standards of quality.

We have a wide array of vehicles and professional drivers who provide transportation services for every purpose and to every destination in Israel. Realizing that a person’s time is one of his most valuable possessions (after health, happiness and family), our pool of drivers are trained to optimize your time with professional, service-oriented, goal-focused work: business travel, family travel, tourist travel, events and more…

Furthermore, Ziv V.I.P. is equipped with an array of vehicles at high standards for every need:

Official and luxury vehicles



With Ziv V.I.P. you can rest assured knowing that our punctual, professional drivers will be there for you whenever you need them during your stay in Israel, guaranteeing you maximum comfort and privacy.

Outings in Israel 

The land of Israel offers a unique, wide variety of sites and attractions from the north to the south. Ziv V.I.P. Transportation and Hospitality Services offers a diverse spectrum of tours in Israel for families ,couples ,personal tourists and guests coming for a short or extended business trip, Our goal is to custom-design the optimal outing for you based on your time, tastes and needs.

One-Day Outings 

Many businesspeople who come to Israel also want to get a taste of the beautiful sites it has to offer. At Ziv V.I.P. we’ve developed a department that specializes in creating custom-made trips based on the client’s needs and requirements. A one-day outing is intended for people staying in Israel for a short time or those who want to include a one-day guided tour in their trip to Israel. This outing is put together based on location in accordance with the itinerary provided to us in advance.

The outing includes:

Private V.I.P. Outings 

These outings are intended for romantic couples, birthday surprises, important business guests, small family trips, company outings and more… The aim of these outings is to provide an unusual, original and special experience for the participants and include:

Of course these outings can also feature other attractions such as yachting and admission to special sites and attractions upon request.

A Few Days Outings 

At Ziv V.I.P. we’ve learned that businesspeople need to combine quality family time with business. For this purpose we’ve put together a team that cares for the family during a business trip in Israel. This team will custom-design a simultaneous business and pleasure package for you and your family. With this package we offer a several-day tour featuring our country’s breathtaking landscapes based on the season and your needs as a family. In these tours we try to include attractions that both the kids and the grownups will enjoy, including admission to sites such as water parks, amusement parks and holy sites, with professional guides at each destination, in a wide range of languages. We build the itinerary together with you and your family with full attention to your needs and fields of interest.

Security Services 

Ziv V.I.P. Transportation and Hospitality Services provides the most professional personal security services available. Years of work with politicians, dignitaries and businesspeople in Israel and the world over have led us to develop a network of experienced, thorough bodyguards.

This network grants our customers peace of mind during their stay in Israel while stringently maintaining privacy, transparency and reliability regarding the type of personal security they’re asked to provide. So that you too can rest assured, we’ll speak to you about your expectations and allow you to choose the level of security you’ll require during your stay in Israel.

Ziv V.I.P. also offers security services for classified materials, safe storage, and one of Israel’s finest bodyguard services.

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