Romantic Outings in Israel 

Romance has many different faces. It can come in the form of a chocolate heart, a spa for two, a glass of wine at sunset, a basket of cheeses on a park lawn or a touching love letter. No matter what you have in mind, Ziv V.I.P. Transportation and Hospitality Services believes that there’s nothing like a romantic experience that includes a short outing with a breathtaking view. One that combines fresh air, a spectacular landscape – with or without a guide and a driver you can reach any destination and spend some worry-free quality time packed with love and romance.

Here are five ideas for fun outings throughout Israel, each of which features unique romantic landscapes alongside fine food and wine.

The Mitzpe HaShalom Promenade

The Mitzpe HaShalom Promenade is considered one of the most spectacular observation points in the southern Golan Heights. You can go there with a bottle of good wine and some fine cheese, sit on a bench on the promenade and enjoy the gorgeous view of Lake Kinneret. The sight becomes even more romantic in the evening when the lights of the houses twinkle like stars in the sky, imbuing the site with a unique ambience. After drinking a toast you can walk along the cliff from Kfar Horev to Mevo Hama. You can also descend a series of stairs to the HaOn Cliffs Nature Reserve where you’ll find a fruit orchard and a small natural pool nestled among the foliage.

In the Mitzpe HaShalom region you can find romantic vacation cabins for couples as well as families, including unique, cave-shaped structures. You can also find treatments for couples and charming, romantic restaurants.

Pool of the Arches – Ramle

In the heart of the town of Ramle and beneath the bustling city streets lies an ancient water reservoir in a breathtaking arched structure from the time of the Abbasid Caliphate known as the Pool of the Arches. A trip to this site provides a taste of ancient history with a unique romantic appeal. You can rent a boat and sail across this unique pool where romantic lighting provides the ambience of another time. To make the experience even more special, bring along a bottle of fine wine, snacks and some suitable music.

The Givatayim Observatory

As corny and maybe even childish as it sounds, at the Givatayim Observatory you’ll enjoy a romantic experience like no other. The observatory is situated at the highest point in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and offers a rare and unique view of fascinating distant galaxies. While touring the site you can enjoy a fascinating explanation about the realm of outer space and the stars, watch a simulation of the stars in the sky, use computerized telescopes to observe the moon, the sun and the planets (depending on the season, of course) and enjoy a candlelit snack.

Children can also participate.

Ein Karem

The village of Ein Karem, located near Jerusalem, is known for its charming, picturesque views as well as the romantic atmosphere that envelopes it. A leisurely walk through the village will lead you to a number of main attractions such as Mary’s Spring, named after Jesus’ mother, the Crusader Church named after John the Baptist, who was born in Ein Karem, situated at the top of the hill, where you’ll also find a convent and other religious sites. Among the streets of Ein Karem you can enjoy a wide variety of romantic restaurants, cafes and art galleries.

The Hidden Lake – Timna

Near the southernmost point in Israel, beyond the red cliffs of the Arava, hides a wondrous sight and an uncommonly beautiful view. Nachshon Lake was once the entrance to an old copper mine. The mine was shut down in 1984 when groundwater burst through the opening, flooding it and creating a lake in which visitors can now take a dip after descending the mountain. The beauty of the lake as it appears beyond the cliff is incomparable which is why many people choose to stay on the mountaintop and enjoy the sunset and sometimes also the sunrise that illuminates the entire region.

We recommend arriving late in the afternoon, sitting on the mountaintop with a glass of good wine and a something to nibble on and enjoying the stunning sunset.

During the holiday seasons and summer vacation, hundreds of families come in and out of Israel. This welcome tourism often creates massive crowding at the airport, causing long waits in line and impatience, especially among children.

To make life easier for you and spare you long waits in line, Ziv V.I.P. has created an accelerated route which allows your family to start the trip on the right foot and with a big smile. For families leaving Israel – the company’s attendants who’ll be awaiting you at the airport will do everything they can to avoid long lines and help you with your baggage carts and other accessories so you’ll find yourself in the duty free zone within a relatively short amount of time. For families entering Israel – the company’s attendants will await you at the jetway and will guide you calmly through passport control and baggage claim to the arrivals hall.


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