Check in/out Leisure 

One of the hardest things for most people traveling to and from Israel is the long wait in lines. Ziv V.I.P., which aims to save you valuable time, has trained attendants who’ll meet you at the airport entrance and then lead you straight to security check-in and passport control – without having to wait in line. This service is offered upon both entering and exiting Israel.

Check in/out  Ben-Gurion Airport - Families

During the holiday seasons and summer vacation, hundreds of families come in and out of Israel. This welcome tourism often creates massive crowding at the airport, causing long waits in line and impatience, especially among children.

To make life easier for you and spare you long waits in line, Ziv V.I.P. has created an accelerated route which allows your family to start the trip on the right foot and with a big smile. For families leaving Israel – the company’s attendants who’ll be awaiting you at the airport will do everything they can to avoid long lines and help you with your baggage carts and other accessories so you’ll find yourself in the duty free zone within a relatively short amount of time. For families entering Israel – the company’s attendants will await you at the jetway and will guide you calmly through passport control and baggage claim to the arrivals hall.

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