Attractions for Families Visiting Israel 

Finding a route that suits all ages and also includes attractions and something special is important. Here’s a brief list that we’ve put together especially for you with a few suggestions for an enjoyable time with your children during your stay in Israel.

The Crane Experience

At the Agamon HaHula Birdwatching Park you can enjoy an outing that offers a hands-on family experience in nature. The hiking and biking trails (you can rent bikes on-site) pass through spectacular groves with observation points looking out on the cranes, pelicans and other winged creatures, depending on the season. You can also have a family picnic and end the day with a sleepover at one of the local vacation cabins.

Hiking HaShofet Creek

If you’re hiking buffs and you want to combine a family experience in nature with a breathtaking landscape, HaShofet Creek is the place to go. HaShofet Creek flows through the center of the Ramot Menashe Biosphere Park and is one of the few creeks still running during the hot summer. A hike along the creek bed’s official trail is ideal for families with young children as it’s accessible to strollers. All along the creek are shaded seating areas and places where you can dip in the cool water. At the end of the trail is a lovely spot with a small grove and a natural rock pool where you can wade. There you can lay out a blanket, take out some goodies and spend some quality time with the family.

The Sataf Springs

Ten minutes from Jerusalem is a perfect place for a family outing with a spectacular view, walking trails, seating areas and water. The trails wind through a picturesque mountainous landscape among springs bursting from crevices and ancient farming terraces. At the heart of the trail is a spring you can swim in and a water-cave trail for kids and grownups who aren’t afraid to get wet.

Masada Marlstones

Between Masada and the Dead Sea sprawls a large marlstone area in which water and wind have carved crevices, cracks and hummocks. This beautiful site can serve as a nice addition to a trip to Masada or a stand-alone desert outing. The route passes through an enchanted playground created by nature where kids can run and hide. The experience is even more exciting if you go there at night and hike through it by the light of the moon – preferably a full moon.

David Creek

David Creek, named after King David, is one of the shortest and most refreshing hikes the desert has to offer. You can combine the hike with a visit to the Dead Sea or a trip to the South. David Creek descends in a series of waterfalls from the desert hills to the shore of the Dead Sea, providing a breathtaking sight in the heart of the desert. The hike itself is an enjoyable and fairly easy experience, with a paved trail through a desert oasis to an impressive waterfall where you can wade in the cold water and encounter ibexes and hyraxes. Accessible all year round, the site is shaded and pleasant to walk through.

During the holiday seasons and summer vacation, hundreds of families come in and out of Israel. This welcome tourism often creates massive crowding at the airport, causing long waits in line and impatience, especially among children.

To make life easier for you and spare you long waits in line, Ziv V.I.P. has created an accelerated route which allows your family to start the trip on the right foot and with a big smile. For families leaving Israel – the company’s attendants who’ll be awaiting you at the airport will do everything they can to avoid long lines and help you with your baggage carts and other accessories so you’ll find yourself in the duty free zone within a relatively short amount of time. For families entering Israel – the company’s attendants will await you at the jetway and will guide you calmly through passport control and baggage claim to the arrivals hall.


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