Welcome to Ziv V.I.P. Transportation and Hospitality Services

Ziv V.I.P.  specializes in tailoring its services to its customers’ needs while maintaining exclusivity, professionalism, quality of service, personal attention and a variety of transportation and other services for your every need.

Ziv V.I.P.  is attentive to your needs, creating a customized package for you, allowing you peace of mind throughout your stay in Israel.

Ziv V.I.P.  specializes in a wide range of tourism services for individuals, couples and families.

Ziv V.I.P.  is equipped with a variety of luxury vehicles, providing comfortable, convenient transportation to all parts of Israel.

Ziv V.I.P.  has an impressive record of producing boutique events which combine business and pleasure.

The company's CEO and founder Ziv Lachish

Pleased to meet you, my name is Ziv Lachish. I was born in 1959 and I live in the city of Yehud. I’m married, a father of three and grandfather of five.

I was a former member of the Elite Unit of the IDF Paratroopers Corps and also served for many years as deputy president of the Hebrew Scouts Ramat Gan Troop, during which time I founded the Oranit Troops entirely voluntarily, the principles I most value are attention to the needs of others, seeing the big picture and providing courteous, efficient service for all who ask.

After over thirty years as the owner of a company that provides service and maintenance for household appliances, I decided about a decade ago to fulfill a lifelong dream and start a company that provides V.I.P. services to businesspeople, dignitaries and private clients, providing them with the holistic experience of a pleasant, enjoyable and successful stay in Israel.

Having been born and raised and lived most of my life in Israel, I can address all my customers’ needs with custom-made, innovative services from the moment your plane touches down in Israel. I can assure a comfortable, smooth arrival procedure, luxury vehicles for every purpose, Israel’s finest tour guides, recreational activities, events, outings and more… all under one roof.

How does it work?

Believing as we do in personal, direct relations with our customers, the entire process of preparing for your stay in Israel is based on understanding your precise needs. After checking your arrival and return dates and the purpose of your visit by email or phone we can put together a detailed itinerary which will give you peace of mind so you can focus on the purposes for which you decided to come to Israel.

I’m more than happy to meet you and add you to the list of our clients who already enjoy the transportation and other services of

Ziv V.I.P.

We wish you an enjoyable, effective stay in Israel.
Ziv Lachish

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